Terms of Use


All contents of this site shall be possessed and managed by CRScube Inc., and they are protected by international copyright law. The contents on the site can be downloaded only for non-commercial use, and correction or duplication of contents is restricted. In other words, it is strictly forbidden to duplicate or use the contents on this site for commercial purposes.

Legal Declaimer

A site manager is naturally supposed to make careful efforts for upgraded site contents and accuracy of information, which doesn’t explain or guarantee the accuracy, mobility, and degree of completion of all the provided information. In other words, a manager doesn’t take responsibility for damage or losses that could occur due to the information provided by this site.

Liability for Link

It’s possible to introduce or link other sites on this site, but a manager doesn’t take responsibility for the contents of the linked sites, nor does the manager take responsibility for its consequential occurrence of damage or losses. The company is informing that the service for linking this site to other sites is simply for providing convenience to users.

Prohibition of Illegal Use of CRScube Brand

The trademark, service mark, product name and product property, etc. are supposed to be protected in all countries around the world including Korea. When a user uses for other purposes than confirming a company product or service, the user must get permission from the manager in charge in advance.

Duplication of Information

All personal information provided to this site through the internet is managed according to the personal information protection policy of this site. A manager can freely use or duplicate all other information for any purpose, such as opinions, conception, concept, technical contents, etc. which are open to the site other than personal information. Such uses include providing information to the third party, product or service marketing, and manufacturing and development as well.

Factuality and Accuracy of Information

A user who provides information to this site or a manager is required to take responsibility for the factuality and accuracy of the relevant information.