cubePRO is an ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcome) mobile application that enables you to collect clinical data on efficacy, patient treatment and health status, and quality of life (QOL) assessment data from anywhere, anytime. Real-time input information synced with cubeCDMS can be transmitted, and convenient interface and various input forms are supported to cope with all treatment areas and clinical trials. cubePRO is able to increase the input rate and reduce the error of the collected data through various query function based on the ECS settings. It is also the most proven ePRO solution to meet the changing clinical testing needs with its powerful customization capabilities. cubePRO is used in clinical studies in the USA, Japan and Korea

Advantages of cubePRO

Compared to existing paper PRO, real-time data capturing can be secured and various logic can be used for questionnaires to improve the accuracy and reliability of collected data.
The time from the occurrence of the event to the input of the patient such as the adverse reaction is minimized, and the visit of the subject is minimized by the automatic generation of the questionnaire according to the schedule.
Minimize uncomfortable procedures at the input stage and increase participation.
Real-time data entry through mobile apps enables fast data validation and cost-effective, meaningful clinical data collection compared to paper PRO.


User-centric Mobile Data capturing solution

  • Convenient log-in process.
  • Various input forms including checkbox, radio button, multiple questionnaire.
  • Auto-generated questionnaires by schedule.
  • Real-time alarm such as patient registration or schedule delay through SMS and e-mail.

Perfect interoperability with CRScube's solutions, and interoperability with external diagnostic devices.

  • Real-time data collection through cubeCDMS.
  • Ability to synchronize patient data collection through diagnostic device.

Quick and easy setup, various ECS logic.

  • Quick and easy setup with cubeBUILDER.
  • Easy to set up time limits and intervals.
  • Various logic can be created using Edit Check Functions.


Real-time review on input data and generated queries through EDC.

The same building-tool is used for both cubeCDMS and cubePRO.



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