cubeIWRS® is a unique and powerful solution that fully manages all aspects of study randomization, drug distribution and delivery logistics. With cubeIWRS® you have an intuitive, single platform that oversees all randomization and drug supply management.

Running on one platform with EDC(cubeCDMS)

Working within one platform, you can manage patient randomization, drug delivery, and re-supply storage depots across all sites at the click of a button. cubeIWRS® enables you to simplify management protocols, be gone with outdated paper options, and embrace a system that works wherever you are.

Go as fast as you need to

We understand the pressures and time constraints that affect all clinical trials, which is why cubeIWRS® is fully stand-alone or can be augmented and integrated with all other CRScube solutions. Using one sign-in study managers and staff can access all their data in an easy to use control package. Don’t let tradition keep you back from hitting your milestones, find out today why so many studies are choosing CRScube for their clinical data solutions.

State-of-the-Art Drug Management

You can have real-time monitoring of your clinical trial inventory across all sites, with the ability to track, redistribute, stockpile, and allocate all of your supplies from anywhere on earth.

A better roadmap for randomization

cubeIWRS® offers a fully certified, modular, best in class randomization service that is flexible, 100% scalable, and capable of near-instant implementation on trials of all sizes.


One-Platformed, Convenience Increased

  • No need to log in to a separate solution to use cubeIWRS.
  • Can do Randomization and IP Allocation in EDC without moving to cubeIWRS
  • On-site IP management through mobile application: cubeMOBILE

Flexible real-time system validation

  • Various EDC Logic settings help minimize randomization errors
  • Flexible Auto Query Generation & Resolution process setting

Complex Randomization & IP Allocation

  • Complex Randomization & IP Allocation according to each protocol condition
  • Double Randomization
  • Singular / Multiple IP code assignment
  • Diversification of IP assignment by Visit / Kit
  • Various IP allocation according to mix of Dose and Number condition

Various trigger level settings

  • Supports various trigger level management methods

Automatic Generation of Various Reports

  • Randomization / Delivery Receipt / IP Accountability / IP Return Receipt


  • One Step log-in for both cubeCDMS & cubeIWRS
  • Can do Randomization and IP Allocation in EDC without moving to cubeIWRS
  • Code Breaking Process
  • Review on IP Stock Status

Patients Randomization Status

Patient Randomization



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