Acquiring an informed consent prior to the implementation of clinical trials is an important initial process to ensure safety in the quality and ultimate success of clinical trials. cubeCONSENT provides an optimal learning environment for future subjects and assures that the signing of the subject's consent is based on the patient's accurate understanding on the test and participation in responsibility Supports electronic Informed Consent From (ICF) solution. cubeCONSENT is interoperated with the cubeCDMS, capturing subjects' informed consent information in real time.

Advantages of cubeCONSENT

cubeCONSENT helps to improve patient's understanding through various methods, and to increase the maintenance rate of the subject during the clinical trial as well as the selection rate at the initial screening stage.
It is easy to manage the version and signature of the clinical trial agreement, and it is possible to trace and confirm the agreement of each institution (fundamentally blocking the disadvantage of the current paper agreement)
On-site monitoring reduces costs and risks by checking the complaint contents related to the clinical trial regulations, such as patient's review progress and institutional performance of the consent form (transparent patient consent procedure).
Interoperated with cubeCDMS, and no additional SDV on subejct enrollment is required.


Patient-friendly clinical trial training with multimedia and interactive contents.

  • eTraining with multimedia contents such as video, voice manual, online manual etc.
  • eTraining review status check, highlight & bookmark, customization of terms & definitions.
  • Provide real-time instant messaging function for inquiries and guidance on clinical trials.

Simplification of subject enrollment process.

  • Real-time sync of enrollment status from EDC.
  • Keep electronic copies of the subjects' informed consent forms.
  • System detects duplicate subject registration.

Cost and risk reduction by centralized monitoring.

  • Real-time tracking of subjects' informed consent from all sites.


Real-time review on input data and generated queries through EDC.



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