The cubeCDMS, a recognized solution for compliance with the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11, is the optimal solution to ensure seamless eCRF data collection and simple and efficient data management at the same time. Quickly detect and respond to factors that could reduce the likelihood of success in clinical trials with cubeCDMS, and lead clinical trials that start with data collection to success.

Fully integrated with all of CRScube’s solutions, creates high quality data easily and flexibly
Reduce the time required for clinical trials.
It provides high efficiency through high risk mitigation.
Perfect security and data backup prevent the risk of data corruption and loss.
Short training time allows you to start clinical trials quicker


Real-time data retrieve & download

  • Real-time verification of key success factors of clinical trials such as subject registration, query, and adverse events through dashboard.
  • Download Dataset / Annotated CRF / Subject PDF unlimited times at no additional cost.
  • Various 16+ types of system reports of operations and productivity.
  • Implement true risk-based monitoring through interworking with cubeRBM.

Efficient and easy data management

  • Ensure data integrity through edit check and system queries.
  • Automatically detect protocol violations based on entered data.
  • Open, close, and respond to batch queries.
  • Easy data review with SDV flag and freezing.

Fast and accurate medical coding

  • Batch-code data entered by the investigator.
  • Allows quick and consistent coding through past coding history retrieval.
  • Version update of data coding terminology dictionary.
  • Dual coding using more than two medical dictionaries.

Various Imports & Exports

  • Validate and upload external data such as central lab data.
  • Automatically detect / remove personal information when uploading DICOM files.
  • Dataset can be downloaded in XPT, SAS, Access, Excel, CSV format.
  • Download ODM export file for eCRF data.


Randomization and IP allocation.

Data interlocking based on shared database.

Risk-based monitoring based on eCRF data.

Case synced from eCRf data.

One-platform solution to build up cubeCDMS / cubeIWRS / cubePRO.



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