cubeBUILDER was developed with the greatest focus on providing the convenience of users and free construction environment at the same time. With this cubeBUILDER, any clinical trial will be able to provide an eClinical solution environment that is designed to be exceptionally designed and optimized for your needs. Experience maximum user efficiency with a variety of user-friendly features and flexible deployment environment that cubeBUILDER provides.

Integrated CDMS / IWRS / PRO build solution.
Basic training is provided free of charge at the time of first introduction.
We are responsible for the final quality of the work built through the provided validation and export functions.
Users could set up their own systems and setup and manage them later.
A wide selection of details is also available to build a solution environment suitable for a variety of clinical trials.


Integrated CDMS / IWRS / PRO build solution

  • Configure eCRF design for maximum effective clinical trial.
  • EDC, IWRS, and PRO can be set up through cubeBUILDER.
  • Free SOP and document forms for basic training and system operation.
  • Provides a partial release function that can be selected and released only for some CRFs.

Edit check that can be implemented with more than 200 built-in functions

  • Edit check that can be implemented with more than 200 built-in functions.
  • Flexible system query generation by using Edit check
  • Automate complex calculations.
  • Ensure data integrity through data synchronization between eCRFs.
  • Automatic detection of duplicate subjects.
  • System automatically validates edit check configurations.

Various convenient features to maximise work efficiency

  • Provides a study clone function that allows you to experience increased efficiency when setting up a repeat design of eCRFs.
  • CRFs such as laboratory tests, which are similarly included in every clinical trial could be copied.
  • Provides library functions for various setup elements.
  • Provide Role & Privilege default templates per job scope.
  • Bulk upload of variables to be set up.

Validation and export for quick and easy quality control process.

  • Easy and fast quality control process through real-time dataset export.
  • System auto validation through edit check.
  • Role & Privilege test simulation and export the oucomes.


Configurable for eCRF and Edit check optimized for clinical trial design.

Set up for various delivery and IP stock control and various randomization logic.

  • ePRO questionnaries
  • Survey Schedules
  • Various alarm settings



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